About the ANO Standing System

The Authority Node Operator (ANO) Standing System was mandated by the Factom Protocol Standing Parties with the ratification of governance document 005.

The system allows for Standing Parties to vote to support or not support Authority Node Operators and Candidates that are working to become an ANO. Authority Node Operators receive up to 2246 FCT per month as block validators to cover their server bills and to work to improve the protocol in other ways.

- Guides and ANOs make up the Standing Parties that can vote. They must vote for each ANO and Candidate at least once every two months and can vote as often as they wish.

ANO Specific
- If an ANO drops between 50%-40% Standing, their Standing percentage is shown in orange as a warning.
- If an ANO drops below 40% support, they are now at risk of removal and their Standing percentage is shown in red. They have 90 days to get back to 40% Standing or higher or they will be demoted and no longer be an ANO. They will then be listed as a Candidate.

Candidate Specific
- Anyone can apply to be an ANO by filling out an application, but being promoted will be difficult unless you bring a lot to the Factom ecosystem. The ANO Standing System is designed so that only the best Candidates are elected and become part of the Authority Set. - Candidates must get above 25% Standing within 6 months of their initial application or they are removed from the system.
- If a Candidate reaches 60% Standing, are higher than any other Candidate, and an ANO slot opens up, they are promoted to ANO. If no ANO slot opens up, they remain a Candidate.
- Any Candidate that reaches 90% or higher Standing is automatically promoted to the Authority Set whether a slot is open or not.