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Authority Node Operators and How to Become One

Authority Node Operators (ANOs) are the block validators of the Factom Protocol and Candidates are those companies trying to prove their worth to the ecosystem in an attempt to get promoted to ANO via the ANO Standing System. In return for providing the servers to decentralize the protocol and furthering the protocol in whatever way they see fit, ANOs are compensated 2,246 FCT per month minus efficiency.

An ANO’s “efficiency” is the percentage of FCT they set to forego receiving from the protocol as they don’t need it to operate because they are so “efficient”. This FCT instead goes into the Factom grant pool. You can see the current ANO efficiency rates here. What this means is that if you’re at ANO at 40% efficiency, the total amount of FCT you receive per month is 1,347.6 (2,246 x 60% = 1,347.6).

Applying to Become an ANO

Any company can become a Candidate ANO, the hard part is proving your worth to the ecosystem so that Standing Parties (ANOs and Guides) vote to make you an ANO.

- Candidates must get above 25% Standing within 6 months of their initial application or they are removed from the system.
- If a Candidate reaches 60% Standing, are higher than any other Candidate, and an ANO slot opens up, they are promoted to ANO. If no ANO slot opens up, they remain a Candidate.
- Any Candidate that reaches 90% or higher Standing is automatically promoted to the Authority Set whether a slot is open or not.

If you'd like to apply to become a Candidate ANO, please continue below.

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By submitting this application, you acknowledge and agree that: The information contained in and submitted with this application will be public. You have read, understand, and agree to the ANO Expectations Document and ANO Election and Demotion System document. You have the full power and authority to submit this application and all of the information contained herein and submitted therewith is complete, true and correct.