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DBGrow Inc.
[B]Legal Entity Name: [/B]DBGrow Inc.
[B]As Represented By:[/B] Nic Robinette
AKA: [I]SanFranSeahawk[/I]

Candidacy Statement - Guide Role[/U][/B]

DBGrow Inc., as represented by Nic Robinette, is running to become a Guide in the Factom Protocol.

[B][U]Education and Affiliations[/U][/B]

I graduated from University of California, Berkeley and hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Outside of Factom, I work as an Assistant General Manager for JLL’s commercial property management division. This entails managing a variety of accounting and contracting processes and making sure our commercial clients are happy, as well as pitching services to institutional owners and investors -- most recently pitching and securing management for the Transamerica Pyramid Center in San Francisco.


I have been an avid and active member in the Factom Protocol since mid-2017 when I first became interested in cryptocurrencies. Beginning my journey into the factom ecosystem with the username SanFranSeahawk on Reddit, Slack/Discord, and Factomize, I participated in many discussions outside of being a part of an ANO. Over this time, I participated in discussions on matters primarily centered around governance, building community morale, and decentralizing standing in the factom ecosystem more broadly. I also served as a Sponsor for Factom Inc.’s Protocol Development Grants.

About a month and a half ago I joined the Authority Node Operator, DBGrow Inc., as a Governance Builder to provide value in furthering governance, to help facilitate processes in the factom ecosystem, and to bring the general community into the discussion of Protocol matters.

Since joining DBGrow Inc., I have enjoyed engaging more heavily in the factom community and governance system. I brought forward the newly implemented RBV framework in evaluating Grants, facilitated process discussions for various dimensions of the upcoming ANO Election (max number of new ANO’s, Guide vote weighting, trial period for new ANO’s), am currently re-working the ANO application and scoring process with Mike from Cube3, and am beginning the Research Group to consider inter-ANO review (which includes a non-ANO in the group which is exciting to see). I have also enjoyed participating in things like writing a[URL=''] Protocol Governance Article[/URL] for the Factomize website, and conducting a[URL=''] FAT Protocol Educational Interview[/URL] for the Factomize Newsletter, and look forward to continuing to write marketing articles for the Factom Protocol. Moving forward from here, I am most excited to work on crafting the frameworks and processes surrounding on-chain voting and onboarding future Standing Parties, which is the most central component of decentralizing the social layer of the Factom Protocol. I will continue to work to integrate general community members into these conversations on governance matters.

I have worked closely with current Guide, Julian Fletcher-Taylor, to gain a firm grasp of Factom Protocol governance, and have begun working on a variety of documents and processes including Doc 001. I am ready to jump headfirst into the guide role from day one.

I am very excited by the Factom Protocol’s novel approach to securing data and direct applicability to processes all around the world. I am eager to delve deeper into building out the factom ecosystem and its governance, and to ensure that we are successful in our efforts towards becoming a global utility.
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