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The 42ND Factoid AS (LTD)
[U]Legal Entity[/U]: The 42ND Factoid AS (LTD), incorporated in Norway.

[U]Guide Representative[/U]: Me (Tor Paulsen)


Hi everyone,

I will keep this application short, as most of you all know what I bring (and not bring) to the table as a Factom guide, due to the fact that I am currently serving as one and have been for almost a year.

My focus as a guide is mainly on administrative issues like working on creating a functional framework for our governance, coordination and process development, as well as creating and maintaining a transparent and functional repository of community documents.

If re-elected, my priorities will be:
- The expansion of standing parties.
- The introduction of on-chain governance for document ratification and ANO elections.
- The creation of a recurring grant-process document to provide predictability for all involved parties.
- To maintain and further cultivate our open, inclusive community.
- To create, refine and implement robust procedures to ensure the smooth running of the network and our governance (incident reporting/management, code update/network restart process, cancellation of coinable outputs, committee/working groups framework etc).
- To continue to provide input and support to committees/working group/ANOs and others who reach out to me in private.

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