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Factom, Inc.
[B]Legal Entity Name:[/B] Factom, Inc.
[B]Natural Person:[/B] Brian Deery

Factom, Inc. was formed in April 2015 to continue the project that began early 2014 which brought the Factom protocol to the world.

Brian joined the Factom project (called Notary Chains at the time) in [URL='']July 2014[/URL].

I view the Factom project multi-decade effort which will result in a global utility. It is the cryptoeconomics and the communities around them that brings value to the world. This is the magic that systems being created by IBM and other large companies lack.

I currently serve as the Chief Scientist at Factom, Inc.

I will continue to serve the community with an emphasis on technical expertise.

As an example of dedication to the protocol, I have attended every guide meeting since inception.

I certainly will not work alone in this capacity. Paul Snow, CEO of Factom, Inc. and creator of the protocol will continue to play a large role in governance of the protocol as well.

Sam Barnes, also a Factom, Inc employee has been helping with the on-chain voting protocols, and will continue to do so as Factom Inc's subject matter expert on that.

Matt Whittington, another Factom, Inc employee, has begun helping with some of the standing party expansion work. Matt has been bringing crypto to reality since 2013, when he started an exchange, which was the [URL='']first exchange to list FCT[/URL].

I look forward to continuing to help guide the Factom Protocol into the future and to continue helping it be successful.
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