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Centis BV
Legal Entity: Centis BV, incorporated in the Netherlands.

Guide Representative: Niels Klomp


Hi All,

As a current guide for almost a year I believe people know both my strengths and weaknesses as a guide (and in life ;) ). I am a firm believer of the protocol, which I hope people have seen and continue to see, given the amount of time put into bringing both the protocol further from a governance perspective as well as bringing new people and entities to the protocol by having done several presentations and technical sessions with people not from one of my other affiliations, but as a representative of the protocol. I believe the guide role is one that brings parties within the system to another level, but is also one that together with marketing initiatives is a party that brings newcomers to the protocol like for instance clinical trials, governments and developers. Some interesting conversations have happend as part of my efforts to educate people on the protocol, where people of well established companies get rather excited about the offering of the protocol. I have also gotten a lot of good feedback on my medium article about the protocol. Both the teaching people about factom (not only the technical stuff), writing articles and getting people involved is something I'd like to expand on during a next term if reelected.

I believe one of the current most needed work is making sure we expand standing to FCT holders followed by users of the protocol. Although we have accomplished a whole lot last year in terms of governance and decentralization and it is not a project for the short term, one of the things that needs to be done ASAP is expand standing. Authority Node Operators will always play a dominant role within the ecosystem and that is fine, we are at 27 parties as of today in the protocol (25 ANOs + 2 guides from other entities, with ANO affiliations). From an outside perspective that could be seen to some degree as an old boys club. It is natural human behavior that people form fractions/collaborations. Our current decentralization isn't far enough to protect the protocol itself enough against certain parties becoming too powerful. That is why I believe that during next term we at a minimum should have expanded the type of standing to FCT holders and EC burners. This ties in both crypto people and users of the protocol to have a say, instead of the ones running the nodes alone. We are already in a position where the entities making current decisions are also in competition to some extend, which is fine, but we also need entities that are not in direct competition with current entities for us to thrive. Sometimes I feel that people are afraid of expanding standing parties, whilst I believe these parties are vital for our survival as a protocol. We really need people that pay the bills of current standing parties to make sure that current standing parties can do all in their power to bring more and more value to the protocol.

My main focus if reelected would be to find ways to expand on the above mainly:
[*]Make sure our focus is on expanding standing parties from governance. The reason why I am also in several workgroups related to governance
[*]Bring new people and organizations to the ecosystem in the form of events and articles and making sure our ecosystem is as inclusive as possible
[*]Bring technical insights into governance, operations and development
[*]Make sure the technical parts that are most centralized get more decentralized as well (development approach/design, portainer and most importantly:
[*]Onchain governance/voting should become a reality this term

For people that want to know more about my career I defer to [URL][/URL] I don't believe that listing in here what I have done and are doing should matter that much, as hopefully the people voting know what I will bring instead of relying on jobs/positions.
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