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HashnStore SAS
[B]Legal Entity Name: [/B]HashnStore SAS (transient stage – a new juridical entity incorporated in France will be created ASAP [1 or 2 months delay] if elected)
[B]Natural Person: [/B]Matthias Fortin

Hi all,

Thank you for taking the time to read my application for the role of Factom Protocol Guide.

I have discovered the Blockchain technology mid of 2017 and since then I have started to read a lot about it and I have been attending many events and conferences - mainly in France but also in Europe. After a fascinating phase, I have been more and more critical on the projects in this space. At that point I discovered Factom and its unique value proposal and architecture which made me join the community end of 2017.

My first action as a community member has been to educate internally the company I am working for about the Blockchain technology and the Factom protocol particularly. But like in many traditional utilities, things have been moving slowly. That is why I have decided to start the ANO adventure intensifying my involvement toward the Factom technology and community.

I discovered here a unique governance process which enables the whole community to participate and share its ideas or concerns. I have been doing so actively since we are ANOs on what I considered crucial aspects for the future of the protocol whether this concerned standing parties perimeter, incentivizing structures, grants pay-outs, anonymous voting implementation, on-chain voting or the future non-profit organisation. As a Guide, I would continue to focus on these aspects with a priority on the on-chain governance and the future non-profit organisation.

I believe my background can bring a very balanced profile to the Guides. I am initially a mechanical and nuclear engineer, working now as a strategy and investment analyst in a leading electricity company. Until last year, I used to be the Treasurer of a state-approved organisation helping around 4000 children. Within HashnStore I am responsible for designing our solution under development working closely and daily with developers and challenging the solutions they propose.

These different experiences have taught me to adapt to different contexts and to consider both technical and social aspects. I am not a developer but I have more than a reasonable understanding of the cryptography and the Factom technology. I am not a jurist but I used to deal with bylaws, standards and a volunteer environment through my former position in a medium-size association.

One last important point: the guide position requires a large amount of time so I think it is important to be completely transparent on my availability. I could not dedicate a full-time position to it as I still need to work aside for a leaving. However I have the opportunity to work in a flexible and favourable environment. I will then dedicate 2 days a week (one full and the other one split), several evenings and part of my weekend.

Being a guide would be a new stage in my involvement for this project, an honour and a challenge.

Thank you for your attention and happy to answer any of your question.

(My LinkedIn Profile can be found here : [URL][/URL])
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