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DBGrow Inc.
[USER=223]@Azn1nvas1on[/USER] Thank you for asking! I can commit to a maximum of 30 hours a week (approximately 3 hours each weekday and 8 each weekend day). From my discussions with current Guides, I estimate that the minimum workload needed to facilitate guide processes is around 10-15 hours a week, but we’ve got a lot more work to do than just the minimum:

- The facilitation and improvement of ANO Election rounds (I am already working on this for the upcoming ANO Election)
- The expansion of Standing Parties via the Support Categories of: Proof of Use (EC users), Proof of Stake (FCT Holders), Efficiency, and Grant Success--which the onchain governance group is planting the seeds for.
- On-chain governance and voting
-Bringing Doc 001 in line with our current state and vision
-And many more

The Guides need to be more than just process facilitators at this stage of our ecosystem; they need to be central components of building out our governance, and I will put as much time as I can into making that happen as I am deeply passionate about this Protocol.

Edited: To give credit to the onchain governance group for their work.
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