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[QUOTE="Samuel Vanderwaal, post: 12992, member: 26"]Hi Matthias,

I've noticed and appreciated your contributions to governance in the ratification process discussions and other places. You have a sharp mind and good attention to detail, both of which will serve you well as a Guide should you be elected. Given that you have a full time job already, what do you envision the impact on Hash-N-Store will be by committing to being a Guide? Are there others who can fill your role there or do you anticipate you will be able to maintain the same level of commitment to your ANO while being a Guide? Thanks![/QUOTE]

Hi Sam,

Thank you for asking. This is a legit question.

I have a full-time position for now but I have the opportunity to easily switch to a 4/5 position. Moreover, I have quite a high number of days off.

I am currently using partially my days off to work for HashnStore. I have done this lately to help design the solution which I think is entering its final stage as we are currently employing an external developper to help us refactoring the code and set up a robust infrastructure.
As the main principles of our solution are now well defined, it is easier for me to follow the project and then less time is needed. Moreover, before applying to the position I have discussed with the other members of HashnStore who agreed and considered this was sustainable for our project.

Hope this answers your questions.
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