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The 42ND Factoid AS (LTD)
Thanks for your time @Tor on that thoughtful response and all you have done for the protocol. You’ve been a wonderful guide and community member. I appreciate you and we are lucky to have ya around!

[QUOTE="Tor Paulsen, post: 13035, member: 24"]Regarding your question about the “wider community”, could you please clarify your question? I am uncertain if you refer to the current system of governance that applies mainly to the current standing parties, or if you are also including the identified future standing parties (stakers, EC-users) in this definition?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE="DanG, post: 13020, member: 50"]Finally I see the responsibility of “Maintain orderly operation of the protocol” to extend beyond simply the technical and governance parts of the protocol and extending towards the wider community. Do you agree with this interpretation? If so how do you intend to achieve this?[/QUOTE]

I can try and rephrase this:
Do you believe that the responsibility of “Maintaining orderly operation of the protocol" extends beyond simply the technical and governance aspects of the protocol. And is also applicable socially within the broader Factom community (current and future standing parties, general community members, people that are brand new to Factom, fudsters, etc..). If you do believe this to be the case…How do you intend to achieve this?

Thanks again!
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