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Centis BV
[QUOTE="Matt Osborne, post: 13032, member: 9"]For legal reasons, we elect entities, not individuals. As such, the entity is the Guide and not a single individual. Therefore, in theory at least, any individual under the entity's umbrella can act in a Guide manner. This creates a scenario where an entity could get elected and then bring in an unknown individual as a part of said entity to execute the Guide responsibilities.

So the question is: If elected, will any other individuals besides yourself be acting in a Guide capacity for your entity?

Thank You[/QUOTE]
Hi Matt,

It was a conscious choice to not be a guide as the BIF or Sphereon entities. Centis BV is a consultancy firm which through 2 holding companies is 100% owned by me personally. So no there will not be anybody other than me being the representative for Centis BV. Simply because I will take that role, but also because the entity is there as a protection for me as a natural person. I cannot let non owners of the company speak or act for the company in that capacity anyway ;)
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