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Factom, Inc.
[QUOTE="Brian Deery, post: 13037, member: 27"]I would like to get all the things done, but I am a realist about how long these things take. Factom is evolving and maturing as time goes on. I have been impressed by the high quality of participants that this project has attracted.

I see a point where the precedents we are setting here will govern the interactions of large multinational companies. This is why it is so important that we are setting the right course for how the Standing parties interact. We can experiment and forge new horizons, and eventually it will be how the world interacts with itself. The governance needs to be sustainable and effective to support the giant burden of responsibility that will be placed on the network.

One good example I like to use is of the Disimpassioned 3rd party. There is a very large company in the mortgage industry appropriately named Black Knight. They have a reputation in the industry of inappropriately using their market dominance. The factom network would operate as a disimpassioned manner from the mortgage industry. I extrapolate the example to absurdity by saying that if the President of Black Knight were to call up the Air Traffic Controller from Norway or the retired Mosquito Control comissioner and ask them to do something that bends their morals, the first question would be "Who are you and why should I care?".

Part of this spreading of control is to bring on more standing parties. FCT voting is on there and seems doable in the next year. Even if it is not super easy from a user interface perspective, it still would be a good step in the right direction.[/QUOTE]

Hi Brian, Thank you a considered and inspirational reply. I can see what you want to focus and on and why, I surmise that you will bring your technical expertise to bear on this and that this is the way you will make a difference to any outcomes.
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