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Thanks for the clarification [USER=50]@DanG[/USER].

I consulted Doc 001 for some context and noticed that the full quote actually said “protocol network”, limiting this specific paragraph to the operations of the network itself which I covered in my initial response. I do however understand that you are asking about this in a broader context, and I will treat it like that in my answer below.

As I see it, governance is not simply the process of devising and enacting new legislation. Rather, I see governance as a broad process that encompasses many aspects of community dialogue generally. For example, I believe that it is important to ensure the voices of all stakeholders are heard and considered, even if those stakeholders do not have any formal standing in the protocol. When we listen to and speak with everyone, we can build a solid foundation for future growth that ensures continued engagement from the wider community.

To achieve this I believe the guides first of all should make themselves available to the broader community, participating in public discourse and answering questions truthfully and honestly and thereby contribute to an inclusive environment. We also need to design our governance processes and overall framework in a way which makes it accessible to everyone who is interested, and so far I believe we are on a good track to achieve this goal. I am quite cognisant about this, and will work towards ensuring that is taken into consideration when furthering refining our current processes and when developing new ones.
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