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Hi Dan,

[QUOTE="DanG, post: 13022, member: 50"]1. Under Guide eligibility standards.

(a) demonstrate independence in thought, leadership, and business
(b) be of good moral character with a demonstrated interest in the long term best interests of the protocol, willingness to serve the community of users, and history as a leader in the community.[/QUOTE]
I do hope I have demonstrated this independence in thought and good moral character at several occasions on Factomize threads and Discord on different topic: standing parties, ANO removal, grant denomination, future non-profit… I have tried during each of my intervention to bring my own point of view to help improve the different processes.
I have demonstrated my willingness to serve the community at several times and lastly by participating to the on-chain discussions and by proposing myself to lead the GDPR project which are both quite important for the Factom protocol.

My former position as Treasurer of a state-approved organisation, l’Entraide Scolaire Amicale (helping +4000 children in France with a budget of around 300,000€ (c. $400,000)) is my most relevant experience to demonstrate high personal integrity. I am still a member of the board of this association.

[QUOTE="DanG, post: 13022, member: 50"]2. Under Guide responsibilities

(a) make themselves available to the community
(b) Maintain orderly operation of the protocol network and facilitate the relationships between standing parties and the community. Further, by ensuring an adequate number of applicants to run a large enough pool of servers to ensure 65 servers are always available for the Authority Set.
(c) Be responsible for overseeing the application of the protocol governance to the operation of the protocol.[/QUOTE]

My availability has been discussed in previous posts. I will of course be available for discussing with community members mainly on Discord, Factomize or even Telegram.
About responsibility of the Guides (to maintain operation of the protocol network, to facilitate the relationships…): I think we need to conciliate this with the fact that Guides are not here to stay or at least that their role will be much more limited in the future (see previous posts).
So direct intervention from them should be limited as much as possible. This can be realised through setting up the structures and organisations needed to ensure these functions. This is already currently realised through committees.
The next stage will be to enforce governance on-chain. This will then limit the need for overseeing the application of the protocol governance. In the meantime, the Guides need to strictly ensure the application of Standing Parties decisions.
Facilitating discussions between Standing Parties is a very important part of the job in order to achieve consensus and will always be needed I believe.

[QUOTE="DanG, post: 13022, member: 50"]Finally I see the responsibility of “Maintain orderly operation of the protocol” to extend beyond simply the technical and governance parts of the protocol and extending towards the wider community. Do you agree with this interpretation? If so how do you intend to achieve this? [/QUOTE]

The complete sentence is:
“Maintaining the orderly operation of the network includes ensuring an adequate number of applicants to run a large enough pool of servers to ensure 65 servers are always available for the Authority Set. The guides will be in close communication with the Testnet, and monitor the performance of members of the Testnet Authority Pool.”

I understand what you mean. Ensuring this adequate number means to promote the protocol and to attract new talents. I think this will be achieved through different means: mainly through marketing (marketing committee actions, hackatons organised by ANOs, participation to Blockchain conferences as speakers) but also through technical improvement making the Factom protocol even more unique in this space. A complete on-chain governance will give such a visibility. I see the role of Guides both on this technical side but also potentially on the marketing side by participating to conferences in collaboration with the marketing committee.
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