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DBGrow Inc.
[USER=50]@DanG[/USER], Thank you for taking the time to ensure we adhere to the wording set out in Doc 001. I will demonstrate independence in thought, leadership, and business by:

1(a) I believe that the work and initiative I have portrayed over the past couple months is a good demonstration that can be used to evaluate how I fulfill this requirement.

1(b) While determining moral character will always be a subject, I hope that I have portrayed a fairness in attitude towards all members of this community, and I can say that I always try to hold the interest of the Factom Protocol as paramount.

2(a) I have attempted to be very open to working with any group within the ecosystem, and have enjoyed all of the relationships I have developed across the ecosystem. Anyone should feel free to bring anything to me - Guide-related or otherwise.

2(b) Most of the benefit I can bring here will be in governance and social processes, as that is the direction my skill-set lends itself to rather than in technical areas. I have been working to bring what I can to these processes in my time working for DBGrow, as well as before that. In relation to ensuring an adequate number of ANO candidates to ensure 65 servers are available for the Authority Set, I believe that the tempo of onboarding needs to be largely regulated by the current Authority Set. Pursuing high quality candidates should always be a high priority, but the cadence with which we do onboard new ANO's should be carefully examined, discussed by the Guides and the community, and should reflect the best interest of the Protocol and its health.

2(c) While the current work I am doing is more focused on envisioning the governance processes and facilitating the development of such processes, I believe that, along with a commitment to apply these processes in a fair way, my behavior will naturally translate to proper overseeing towards the application of governance to the operation of the Protocol.

Last, I largely agree with this interpretation. I believe a fine line needs to be walked between Guides regulating the behavior within the Protocol, and Guides trying to steer discussions in a positive and constructive direction. I believe this truly should be a goal of any member of a community. The Guides tend to be at the center of discussions to a high degree, so they have the opportunity to apply this goal more often. I believe that consistently staying open minded, positive, and attentive to different viewpoints within the Protocol is central to this goal, and I plan to do so to the furthest extent possible.
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