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[QUOTE="Matthias Fortin, post: 13059, member: 227"]The complete sentence is:
“Maintaining the orderly operation of the network includes ensuring an adequate number of applicants to run a large enough pool of servers to ensure 65 servers are always available for the Authority Set. The guides will be in close communication with the Testnet, and monitor the performance of members of the Testnet Authority Pool.”[/QUOTE]

Thanks again for all you have done for the protocol to date and running as a Guide. I appreciate you and your efforts. The sentence I was alluding to was from section 2.2.2 that states...
"Guides are charged with maintaining the orderly operation of the protocol network and facilitating the relationships between standing parties and the community.”
I attempted to summarize…sorry for any confusion :)
Just wanted to clear the waters on the exact context the summary was coming from
Thanks Again!
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