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There are some amazingly capable people in this community and a privilege to be part of it which got me thinking about what draws those people and why do they work together in such an amazing way.

Part of it is the ethos with its underpinnings of integrity, quite a lot is the sheer technical brilliance of the protocol but a lot of it lies in the culture of support that has been fostered by the guides. All of which got me thinking about the characteristics I would seek in a guide and one of the most significant has to be collaboration skills.

Having worked with Nic over the last couple of months I have been able to see how he works at first hand and can provide an insight that others may not have which is why I felt it important to provide this perspective.

Nic has these collaboration skills. He is self-effacing, open minded with good listening skills and importantly always constructive. He is knowledgeable about our governance and by virtue of working closely with Juian, a proven guide, can help provide important continuity. He has real determination and drive, an ability to get things done. He naturally presents himself well and is able to be a good ambassador.

To be able to do this in the hubub of what at times can be a busy and noisy community is vital to ensure things do not get lost and we get the balance right as we move to becoming a progressively more decentralised and respected protocol.

I am not saying that other guide applicants do not have these skills, just that Nic probably won’t shout about them!
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