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Factom, Inc.
Hi Brian,
To begin, thanks for all the long nights and weekends you have dedicated to this project. You're technical contributions are invaluable and I'd like to think we all realize how fortunate we are to have you as one of the leaders of the project.

Regarding the position as Guide: I was very pleased to see Sam and Matt begin to make community contributions. Paul obviously makes a lot of contributions as well. As we all know, the position of Guide entails doing a lot of non-glamorous work though. I think we can all agree your time is better spent elsewhere. Here's the rub: The burden of not having a fifth Guide to help with the non-glamorous work is pretty large. It obviously falls on the shoulders if the other four Guides. There were definitely periods over the summer when only a single Guide or two were moving the project forward. By no means can that happen again. It's bad for the project and it burns-out the Guides that end-up having to carry the extra load. If elected again as Guide (which I sincerely hope Factom inc will be), can you guarantee the community that you/Matt/Sam/Factom Inc will make meaningful contributions in regards to the non-glamorous Guide work?

Thank you for all your hard work!
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