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Centis BV
Hi Niels,
Thank you for running for a second term as Guide. While the community greatly appreciates everything you are doing with Sphereon and Triall, we also pay extra close attention to when you speak. As news to no one, you have one of the most highly valued voices in the community.

Congratulations on the new house. I know that was incredibly time consuming and took a lot of time away from Factom Guide responsibilities (as you warned us it would). In addition to the time suck of a new house, my personal opinion is that you were also burnt out. That's a result of previously having been available near 24/7. For those unaware, Niels was (still does?) only sleeping four or so hours a night. Point being, I completely understand why you were away for a bit. I'd like to stress though (as I did in Brian's thread) that an absence of a Guide places a tremendous burden on the other Guides, even causing those Guides themselves to potentially burnout. I think we learned this lesson as a protocol over the past 4-5 months. I hope all Guides and potential Guides are cognizant of this going forward. I guess that's the point of this write-up. :)

For the record, I know you put a lot of thought into whether to run as Guide again, so I do not have any concerns about your dedication going forward. I know that if you were not able to dedicate the proper amount of time, then you would not have run again. I know you'll do a great job; I look forward to voting for you.
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