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DBGrow Inc.
Thanks for the good question David. As this question addresses the rest of the ANO the guide is associated with, I will chime in here.

Running an ANO can be a 24/7 job, and being an entrepreneur certainly is. I think everyone who has taken the guide role can speak to the difficulty of this balance. DBGrow understands the importance of being able to focus on guide work without having time and energy stretched between guide work and entrepreneurial efforts.

Nic’s role within DBGrow will be purely dedicated to guide work: Governance work, process facilitation, discussion facilitation, etc. This is the type of work we hired Nic for, and I believe stepping into a guide role will only increase his capacity in that work. This will have no effect on the health and operations of DBGrow. He is not involved in proprietary or entrepreneurial work with DBGrow beyond keeping up to date with our work, is not expected to manage any day to day ANO duties, and doesn’t even have to worry about running a company to host his guide position as that is managed by others within DBGrow. He can focus 100% on being the best guide he can be for our protocol.

[QUOTE="David Chapman, post: 13094, member: 2"]does your business partner(s) or employer support your running for Guide?[/QUOTE]

Fully and absolutely. We saw many months ago the positive attitude, polished speaking, and genuine thought that Nic put into even his conversations on discord and factomize. DBGrow hired Nic a couple months ago for governance work for those reasons, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him. We would not support his candidacy if any of us felt that he would not represent DBGrow, and the protocol, in the best possible light to our clients and the rest of the world. We look forward to seeing Nic step into a larger role in the protocol, and supporting Nic in this role in whatever ways we can.
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