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Burned out is an actual health condition in Dutch, which typically means somebody is 100% out the running for many months typically. So it might be that there is a difference in this with other languages. If so then yes I probably overreacted, if that is the same in the US, then no I have no burnout (not saying it could never happen of course, heaven forbid). No I really have been doing manual labor in my house which is pretty big, so I miscalculated the actual amount of work/time it would take. And yes any additional bandwidth was gone. People that do manual labor that are not used to it, whilst still working as well, probably know that it is tiring more than you are used to.

So yes your post is spot on, no I have no burnout, yes I was of course more tired and had muscle pain and stuff, but that was because I am not used to do stuff with my hands besides typing ;)
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