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Factom, Inc.
[QUOTE="David Chapman, post: 13100, member: 2"]As a former Guide, I can speak from experience that being a Guide is time consuming and can be stressful. It can take critical time away from one's duties to their ANO yet the health of your ANO is paramount to the network. Is your ANO in good health where you can work less on it and does your business partner(s) or employer support your running for Guide?[/QUOTE]

Indeed, the stress is often palpable. The explanation I give to my family is that "This is the life I chose". Factom is my full time job (more than full time actually) and continuing the effort is a high priority in my life. The world needs the network to exist, and it will require lots of sweat and tears as it progresses forward. The way I see it, if the world starts relying on the network the same way it relies on the internet, then all the stress will have been worth it.

The Factom, Inc organization is indeed in good health. My business partners do support me running as a Guide.
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