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Factom, Inc.
Hi Brian,

It looks like you may have missed my question. I realize you still have 24 hours to respond and you're likely very busy but I won't be able to comment after another 10minutes so just wanted to bump my question in case you missed it. Thanks!

[QUOTE="Samuel Vanderwaal, post: 12990, member: 26"]Hi Brian,

Historically, as a Guide, you've focused more on the technical aspects of the protocol rather than the governance side. To me the lines get a bit blurry regarding what work you are doing for Factom Inc in your role as Chief Scientist, and what you are doing specifically as a Guide. I am acutely aware of how much time you have put into the protocol and the sacrifices you make for it regularly and I truly appreciate your dedication. Your in-depth and specialized knowledge of the codebase and protocol is invaluable to the community. Will you break down what category of tasks you will be performing specifically in your Guide role should you be re-elected and provide an estimate of the minimum amount of time you'll be able to dedicate each week to the position? Thanks![/QUOTE]
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