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Thx all for the questions. Of course people have seen me reacting in the above thread. I guess that shows that yes I have my own opinion ;) and also do not shy away to let people hear my voice in public.

People do need to understand though that some people in this ecosystem talk to outside parties a lot to bring them in one way or another to the protocol. Some of these parties will do their due diligence. If we then have people making a claim based on a guess which isn't verified and apparently has a different weight/meaning in another language it shows we need to be careful about that type of interactions. Imagine what happens if a large entity is either looking at the protocol, Sphereon, BIF or any combination after talking to me? That is what is happening, which most people probably are unaware of. Personal opinions soon become the truth and we need to watch out for that.

Same for the way I reacted about the my time and whether I can dedicate enough time. I reacted on purpose about memory seeming short. I have obviously put in a lot of time this round, which was divided unevenly over time, with a lot of weight in the beginning. People tend to only look short term (not saying Sam is, but others might->hence my reaction). I do get people's concern because I was less visible during 2,5 months and that impacts other guides. I am running because I believe in the protocol and am heavily invested with Sphereon/BIF and our clients in the protocol. If I would not be able to dedicate enough time, that means I would negatively impact that investment myself which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So believe me that I have been thinking this through really carefully when deciding to run again. I hope I explained in earlier posts why I am in a position where that time is available to me. I would not have ran and certainly resign if for whatever unforeseen reason that would change.

[B]Let me conclude with thanking everybody for their input, ideas, blood sweat and tears last year. Let's make next term the term where the protocol shines and good luck to all fellow guide candidates.[/B]
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