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[QUOTE="Matt Osborne, post: 13126, member: 9"]Hi Tor,
Thanks for your hard work to date as Guide. Your dedication to implementing processes and proper documentation has been integral in the early stages of our Governance build-out. We're lucky to be able to take advantage of your skill-set. I think what may have also gotten lost to history was that you stepped-up and were running the testnet prior to the Round 1 ANO elections. That was obviously a tremendous amount of work, you probably still have nightmares. Hard to believe it was only a year ago. Anyways, thank you!

Moving on, due to the open source nature of our project, and the non-availability of anonymous tools, the vast majority of community members are very hesitant to say anything critical due to potential social backlash. Sadly, I think there are only a handful of people willing to put their neck out on the line if it means they may catch heat. Having worked with you pretty closely over the last nine or so months, I can say that you genuinely are a very kind and nice person. People sincerely enjoy being around you. I wonder though if this makes you very hesitant to voice critical opinions, as evidenced by shying away from commenting on contentious community issues.

1. How much responsibility do Guides have in regards to being a critical voice?
1B. If Guides do have an obligation to be a critical voice: As arguably the most well-liked/popular individual in this community, how do you personally balance your personal relationships/friendly nature with Guide responsibilities?[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your comment, Matt. The early testnet was a formative experience for the community and I am privileged to have been able to play my part.

I want to directly address the basic premise of your question: that I shy away from contentious issues. It is true that I am not usually the first to speak out publicly when a standing party is in some way out of line. Others have taken a leading role in that, and to them I am grateful. However, I want to be clear that this does not mean that I shy away from contentious issues. We as a community frequently have disagreements on issues relating to governance where people can often become quite passionate about the topic at hand. I never hesitate to insert myself directly into the centre of those disagreements. I am willing to state my opinion unequivocally and forcefully, whilst also maintaining respect and decency towards my fellow participants. I believe this may be what Paul alluded to above where he suggested I am "forceful in [my] leadership in the most quiet of fashions".

Moreover, as I am sure others can attest, where I don't make my opinions on certain topics known publicly, I am not at all unwilling to address hard topics when speaking privately with the party in question. This is unseen work and it would be inappropriate for me to list examples here, so I ask that you please take my word on that.

Having said that, I will also address your questions head-on.

Yes, I do believe it is the responsibility of Guides to voice concerns directly and publicly where they believe a standing party has failed to meet their obligation to the protocol. Julian has recently exercised this responsibility with great skill and tact in the ANO contributions forum; I think it was an example to us all. I recognise now that my lack of public criticisms has been something of a shortcoming during my first term as Guide, and I am pleased you have brought this to my attention. I will endeavour to do better during my second term if the standing parties are willing to re-elect me.

Generally speaking, I have found that people in the community appreciate honesty. That is ultimately why we are all here: to make the world honest. I believe I can balance my genial nature against the responsibility of Guides to be openly critical at times by approaching any given situation with honesty, respect and from a firm evidence base. I believe it is entirely possible to be frank with people in a professional environment whilst also maintaining a strong professional and personal relationship. Julian led by example, and I am keen to emulate that example.
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