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Factom Community,

HashQuark, previously known as Wancloud, is now applying for the ANO round.[I] Check out [/I][URL=''][I]here[/I][/URL][I] for more details about the services transition from Wancloud to HashQuark. [/I]

HashQuark went live on December 5, 2018. Partnered with SlowMist, one of the top security teams in the industry, PlatON, a leading provider in key management service powered by MPC technology, and imToken, one of the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallets, HashQuark has state of the art security measures in place to ensure the safety of user assets.

More to the point, HashQuark remains deeply involved in building up a more enabling ecosystem, where we’ve joined multiple public blockchains as one of their (genesis) validators, including Cosmos, IRISnet, IOST, V SYSTEMS, CyberMiles, Cybex, and VeChain.

Here's a brief summary of what we've done/been working on, leveraging Factom capabilities:

1. We adopted Factom capabilities to deliver a blockchain-based, tailor-made solution to one of China’s largest trust companies. With this solution, all the key files and information required for the family trust are encrypted using algorithmic hashing and stored in the Factom blockchain. And since hashing is a one-way function in which a hashed value cannot be reversed to obtain the original input value, the information and files stored in the blockchain can be incorruptible and unalterable. Users simply need to have the available files or information hashed again using the same algorithm to verify that they have not been altered ever.

2. By leveraging Factom capabilities, we worked collaboratively with one of China’s leading insurance company to have its insurance services “meet” with blockchain and smart contracts. With blockchain technologies applied to the company’s insurance services, customer data, which were previously prone to risks, are henceforward stored on and secured by Factom blockchain, resistant to any possible alterations. Plus, the presence of Factom capabilities ensures an improved claims process, where claims are more accurately and thoroughly arrived at.

3. HashQuark worked out a detailed solution for Factom ANO deployment, offering suggestion upon configuration, measures against intrusions, etc. Check it out [URL='']here[/URL].

We're very much looking forward to the ANO application process, thank you!
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