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REPORT | Q1 2019
A little late we are publishing our Q1 2019 report.
[B]This report includes activities from Jan 1 till Mar 30 2019.[/B]

[B]Full report:[/B]

[*]Factom® Enterprise API launched
[*]First client onboarded (150-300K txs annually)
[*]Introduced LoggerHead — an open-source immutable security logs solution for Linux-based servers & NAS
[*]Public open-source version of LoggerHead will be released in May 2019
[*]2 grant projects were awarded to develop
[*]Continue maintaining Open Node
[*]Pitched Factom in Russian Innovation Center Skolkovo
[*]Visited legal-tech workshop in Samara, Russia
[*]Core development: 4 issues regarding factomd created on GitHub (1 bug, 3 improvements)
[*]Grant tracking system & its design were suggested during discussion with ANOs
As FCT price raised, we decided to continue working with 35% efficiency.

[B]Factom Open API plans:[/B]
We have a lot of plans regarding Open API project and I want to clarify what are we going to do, when and how.

[I]We are working on the following improvements using our ANO income:[/I]
— Make Open API follow the Swagger Open API 3.0 specification (instead of Swagger 2.0 right now)
— Improve Open API auto-generated clients
— Generate more clients in different languages
— Provide test coverage for Open API (thanks [USER=10]@Paul Bernier[/USER] & [USER=11]@Alex[/USER] for pointing this)
— Create a marketplace (separate website or section on Factom Protocol website) of open-source and commercial apps, built using Factom Open API
—[I] (not Open API project, but was pledged during grant campaign) [/I]Create and make open-source the LoggerHead solution — and it will be the first public app, utilizing Open API.

[I]We will apply for grants in order to develop the following improvements:[/I]
— Development sprint 2: new endpoints (/admin & /queue), admin control panel (Web UI), Callbacks
— Support of Factom Identities
— Development sprint 3: GraphQL API, Websocket support
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