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Hi everybody, my name is Emile van Vijfeijken and with my businesspartner Wouter van de Molengraft we decided to apply as a tokenholder ANO. We founded and manage [URL][/URL] since 2003. We build advanced online solutions. As a tokenholder I follow Factom since 2016.

I already planned to build a simple website with an overview of all Factom projects and news to increase awareness and hopefully tokenvalue. But after talking about it with my businesspartner we decided to take it a step further and apply as a tokenholder ANO. If we get elected we want to expand the website into a tokenholder platform.

To get tokenholders involved we want to offer them a platform where they can add content, projects, vote on ideas and polls, and give them a vote in the Factom governance. When you send 0.01 FCT to an address, you will get an account. If you keep the balance from the sending address(es) up for a month, you can also vote for our ANO in Factom governance. Every FCT in your ballance(s) will be 1 vote.

We know our voting solution is not ideal, and that a better solution for on chain voting is being worked on. But we can have our solution ready in the short term and want to switch to on chain voting when it’s ready. Or maybe we can help in development? We would also like to work close with other ANO’s and committees, especially the ones for marketing and exchanges.

In the future we want to expand the platform with extra features, coming from ideas from the token holders. To determine which features will be developed, ideas will be voted on by tokenholders. We look forward to learn how to develop useful blockchain solutions using Factom technology. In the future we want to use this experience to build other blockchain solutions as an ANO and for projects within Softmedia as well. We're excited to develop blockchain solutions with Factom tech, and we are curious which features tokenholders would like to see developed.
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