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Stamp-it 2nd 2019 quarterly report
Hi [USER=52]@Jimmy Perron[/USER]

Thx for the update and unfortunate to hear about your exchange problem. :(

Could you give a bit more details about:
It is now clear that the funds we sent to QuadrigaCX will never be recovered. With this in mind, in addition to the fact that our partner does not intend to invest much in Operenzy for the foreseeable future, we decided not to invest more in this project in order to focus our funds and energy on our partnership with NSim Technology.[/quote]

Whilst in the previous report you mentioned:
Please keep in mind that this is still in beta and that we will produce a comprehensive paper about what we intended to add and develop, once we are able to proceed with this specific investment.
That sentence indicates the project was well underway or am I missing something here?
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