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Stamp-it 2nd 2019 quarterly report
Hi [USER=8]@Niels Klomp[/USER]

To answer your questions:

Early December 2018, we reached an agreement with one of our partner, the owner of Operenzy. With that in mind, we liquidated a decent portion of our Factoid stack we had been accumulating since being onboarded and sent the funds to QuadrigaCX, a Canadian Bitcoin exchange that has been around for quite some time. As you probably heard, QuadrigaCX have been experiencing massive problems and actually we lost all the funds :( Until now, there is no indications that we will recover a part of the money.

We don't have the fund to invest in the Operenzy platform for now and the Owner of Operenzy is not interested to add money to secure the patent and continuing the development. Actually the plan in to find investors in the fintech...
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