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ChockaBlock, testnet load testing tool and efficiency change
Presenting ChockaBlock, a load testing tool tailored for the Factom Community Testnet: [URL][/URL]
This tool, built in-house at Luciap Technology, was used over the last two days to perform one of the first real stress test of the Testnet yielding several valuable observations for core developers to investigate and act upon (we wrote a report for the core and code deploy committee based on this data).

[B]Why ChockaBlock?[/B] It is filling a gap we currently had in our factomd release process with no well defined step of how to test performance in a consistent way on the community Testnet. This will help standardize the process, and offer results that can be compared across different runs (comparing different versions or set ups). Ultimately that should give us better guarantees that new versions are ready for mainnet deployment (avoiding potential downtime in prod) and verify any potential performance regression.

This is an early version we rushed to finish in time for this week stress test. We have many improvements in the pipeline and ultimately it could be extended to become a complete factomd release management tool for the Testnet.


Luciap Technology will lower its efficiency from 50% to 40%. Here are some points of our reasoning for that change:
[*]We have been operating for one complete year at an unchanged efficiency of 50%, keeping a stable efficiency while going through all the significant ups and downs of FCT price.
[*]After one year we consider we have all our initial pledges fulfilled or at least compensated by equivalent actions.
[*]After one year of "efficiency discovery" looking at all ANOs efficiencies today, we believe there has been some shift to what efficiency a developer ANO can legitimately claim relative to other ANOs.
[*]We do want to invest significant efforts in the new tool ChockaBlock as we believe it has potential to have a real positive impact giving us a better insight at where we stand.
[*]And finally here's a list of just our dev contributions over that year as ANO ([I]excluding grant sponsored work[/I] ). Note that the vast majority is open-source and available to the community for free and for ever:
[*][URL][/URL] (developed, maintained and expanded for over a year)
[*][URL][/URL] (never announced, but already usable)
[*]Grant ranking tool: [URL][/URL]
[*]Authority set visualizer: [URL][/URL]
[*]ChockaBlock: [URL][/URL]
[*]A handful of small features and bug fixes added to factomd and factom-walletd
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