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Q2 2019 Report
[B]Q2 2019 Report[/B]

[B]Protocol Website[/B]

In Q2 of 2019, DBGrow finished the third major development cycle for the Within this cycle, DBGrow spearheaded the governance formation of the Website Committee, published several additions to the website, as well as completed numerous improvements and tests.

We began our Q2 development cycle with the establishment of the Website Committee. To continue our goal to decentralize important resources in the Factom Protocol. DBGrow drafted the Website Developer Governance document and established various permissions and project management processes to enable the Website Committee and Marketing Committee to collaborate seamlessly.

Currently, we have just finished development of the media-pack page, and are actively developing a press release submission portal, integration of the blog and store, as well as other marketing specific enhancements to the website. These efforts are in coordination with both the Website Committee and the Marketing Committee. Additionally, we have submitted an updated design for the homepage the Website Committee and have begun development on an enhanced technology page. From this point, we look forward to continually expanding the core Factom Protocol website with the support and guidance of the Website and Marketing Committees.

[B]FAT Protocol[/B]

The Factom Asset Token Protocol continues to make strides in Q2 2019. FAT is rapidly becoming a beta stage technology ready for live development. We are currently focusing on Smart Contract integration for FAT, with WASM and DAML integration as our highest priority. As the technology continues to improve, our ecosystem grows, and our documentation expands, our confidence in the strength of the FAT protocol only increases and we continue to see interest in the FAT protocol.

[B]FAT Smart Contracts[/B]

The FAT smart contract grant has been progressing on schedule, with some major developments. We have been steadily adding to our research paper and base of knowledge over this quarter to help us make major architectural decisions in how to implement smart contracts on FAT. After research, both WASM and DAML offer promising platforms. Our current research is focused on finding a clear direction forward for implementing a contract platform on FAT in either of these languages.

So far we have produced a WASM based Proof of Concept that successfully demonstrates how a WASM contract can be published and against a Factom network:


While the POC lacks an authentication or context layer and is simple, it clearly demonstrates the core concepts required to run contracts on Factom, and also provides insight into how we could architect a system on top of FAT.

We are currently working with BIF to explore DAML more deeply and find a common direction as they also have a grant to integrate DAML with Factom.

Our teams will continue to research use cases, candidate technologies, and produce sample code as our grant progresses, and are excited to keep pushing towards FAT smart contracts being a reality.

[B]Legal [/B]

In Q1 2019, DBGrow took a smaller involvement in the Legal Research Working Group (LRWG). In Q2, this involvement increased back to full capacity as the nature of the work shifted back to topics more within our domain. We continue to research, build resources, manage important relationships, and work with entities outside of the LRWG and entities outside of the factom ecosystem.

[B]Exchange Committee[/B]

Julian Fletcher-Taylor of DBGrow has taken the position of Chair of the Exchange Committee. In this position, he shall primarily serve to detail information about the protocol and provide that information to various parties such as exchanges.

This position is currently a very large time commitment.



We continue to stay active the Factom governance, working on governance document revisions, facilitating governance processes, taking part in important discussions, and working on new governance processes.

[B]Documentation Committee[/B]

DBGrow continues to play an active role in the development and upkeep of documentation and managing the developers portal run on The body of documentation continues to grow.

[B]Marketing Committee[/B]

DBGrow continues to play an active role within the marketing committee. Over the course of Q2, DBGrow completed the following:
[*]DBgrow launched integrations for Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as additional enhancements at the request of the marketing committee. The media-pack page has been developed, and additional extensions such as the Factom Protocol Block and Store will be integrated on the site as soon as those services launch.

[*]Dbgrow has been in continuous attendance of the marketing committee bi-weekly meetings

[*]Formed and co-chairs the marketing committee working group 5. This working group is aimed at compiling enterprise solutions from companies and developers in the Factom ecosystem to expand the enterprise solutions section on

[*]Dbgrow has continuously reviewed and forwarded any leads and newsletter sign-ups generated by to the appropriate individuals within the marketing committee, exchange committee, and broader Factom ecosystem.

[*]DBGrow has made large strides toward improving the search engine optimization of Initially ranked 90+ in Google search, the website has so far reached a peak rank of 1 on Google and Duck Duck Go for the search term “Factom Protocol”. DBgrow looks forward to continuing our SEO work in hopes of reaching a top 5 rank on Google in Q3 for the search term “Factom”.

[B]Website Committee[/B]

DBgrow has taken the role of a core member of the website committee. Within this role, DBGrow is taking responsibility for the following:
[*]Contribute to further development of in accordance with Website Committee and Marketing Committee decisions

[*]Establish project management processes for defining goals / requirements, tracking issues and delegating tasks

[*]Contribute to committee governance including but not limited to crafting governance documents, defining roles, establishing a development approval protocol and further expanding the website roadmap


DBGrow continues to engage important parties about FAT and the Factom protocol. This work includes the following:
[*]Working to align the factom protocol with a well connected initiative applying blockchain to government and aid processes, hopefully yielding a mutually beneficial collaboration/partnership between the initiative and the factom protocol.

[*]Beginning exploration of a FAT and factom based solution with a well known international organization. This is at a very early stage, but there are some qualified people interested in this solution.

[*]Attending a variety of blockchain events around the bay area, connecting with developers, companies, and government officials about using the factom protocol. In Q3 we have been invited and plan on speaking at the Santa Cruz Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency meetup. We will continue to develop the presence of the factom protocol within the Bay Area.

[*]In April 2019 Julian Fletcher-Taylor and Devon Katz from DBGrow were invited to the Odyssey Hackathon in Gronningen, Netherlands by BIF as an advisory ("Jedi") team to represent the Factom Protocol and FAT with participants. The hackathon was an absolute blast with 100 amazing teams from all over the world. We had the great fortune of working with a team, IDShapers, to implement Factom in their winning project, with several other teams begging to explore Factom and FAT as a solution in their project. It was very exciting to see the enthusiasm for Factom with teams we had a chance to work directly with. As the first time we had worked in that capacity at a hackathon, it was very beneficial toward nailing a factom pitch for developers, and we will definitely take up opportunitities to represent factom at future hackathons.

[*]Promotional discussions around the factom protocol with government and corporate entities in the US and abroad. We hope some of these will pan out and be publicly releasable in Q3.

We believe that the impact of these meetings over time will be important, and will help contribute to a growing mindshare for the factom protocol with developers, companies, and government.

[B]Collaboration with members of Layertech LLC[/B]

Members from DBGrow are excited to be working with members from Layertech LLC as well as other partners outside of the factom ecosystem on a venture utilizing FAT and other factom based technologies. Any future updates about these projects, as well as other commercial development from members of DBGrow, will likely come from those entities involved.

[B]Looking forward to Q3 2019[/B]

In Q3 2019, will see continued revisions and refinement to the factom protocol website, continued promotion and outreach at Bay Area blockchain events and to important entities, maturation of the FAT protocol, investigation and potentially implementation of Smart Contracts on the factom protocol, a new developer hired to work on FAT, and a continued drive to push the boundaries of what is possible on the Factom Protocol.
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