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DEV | Factom.World — Factom Application Hub
[I]Moscow, Russia, Monday 8th July 2019 — De Facto launches Factom Application Hub for business software (with Factom integrated into it), bots, mobile apps, wallets, explorers and other software.[/I]

[URL=''][B]Factom World[/B][/URL][B] is a portal, where any company or single developer may publish their apps, that utilize Factom Blockchain.[/B]
The target audience are business, token holders, software developers.

In few weeks after launch we have [B]5 apps already listed[/B] & more companies are preparing their publications (Factom Inc., Off-Blocks).
We have also received the requests to join — and sent invites to Factom.World to Triall, RewardChain and Sphereon partner.
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