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ANO Election and Demotion System - Amendment proposal
Following a brief discussion with David (see quote below), I am opening this new thread.

[QUOTE="David Chapman, post: 19445, member: 2"]I agree with you. Specific criteria should be determined and codified so that it can be automated in the future. However, I ask that we make that a separate thread and we either amend this document in the future or have it be a separate document referenced by this one in the future. Determining the exact criteria will be a bit of an undertaking. Would you like to lead that initiative?[/QUOTE]

Doc 005 defining the ANO Election and Removal process is a massive step forward in our governance processes. As stated several times by the co-sponsors, it is a first iteration and improvement of this mecanism is an on-going process.
I have raised 2 concerns/improvement proposals about the current document shared by some parties. I propose to discuss one of them in this thread and to find a consensus before proposing a new ratification/amendment process.

- The improvement proposal is about defining the number of ANOs spots available. Currently, Doc 005 leave it to the discretion of the Guides twice a year. Not to have specific/objective criteria is not satisfying for 2 main reasons:
First, we need such criteria to automate a maximum of actions within our governance processes. The more we can define such criteria, the easier it is to automate these actions.
Second, Guide role is originally here to facilitate processes. Not to exercise control over them. I personally think we should stick to that vision as much as practically feasible.

Criteria to be used to define the number of ANO spots available :
[U]1. What should be the MIN/MAX number of ANO spots available?
2. What should be the trigger criteria for increasing/decreasing that number between these 2 bounds?[/U]

Here some ideas:
- [MIN] It could seem obvious but the number of spots available needs to be at least equal to the number of ANOs currently in operation;
- [MIN] The Min bound should be set in order to an appropriate level of decentralisation. This is highly subjective; I propose at least 25 ANOs;
- [MAX] The Max bound is already defined in our main governance document : 65;
- [TRIGGER] One of the proposed options is to define increase or decrease based on FCT price;

Here is one proposal:

The number of ANO spots would be revised every 6 months (as in the original proposal) ; The price values considered could be the weekly ones from CoinMarketCap ([URL];[/URL] FCT weekly prices should stay above the following prices (see below) during 6 consecutive months (26 points) to trigger a change in the number of ANOs slots ; Considering weekly values would make difficult the manipulation of the prices for governance reasons ;

>0$ : MIN ANOs spots
>5$ : MIN+5 ANOs spots
>10$ : MIN+10 ANOs spots
>15$ : MIN+15 ANOs spots
>20$ : MIN+20 ANOs spots
>25$ : MIN+25 ANOs spots
>30$ : MIN+30 ANOs spots
>35$ : MIN+35 ANOs spots
>40$ : MIN+40 ANOs spots (using MIN=25, => 65=MAX )

[U]3. What document should be amended? Doc 001 or Doc 005?[/U]
In my opinion some information should be in Doc 001 such as MIN and MAX number of ANOs and some others into Doc 005 such as the trigger criteria based on FCT price;
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