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ANO Election and Demotion System - Amendment proposal
While I'm in favor of holding ANOs accountable, and making sure ANOs are performing and contributing to the ecosystem, I'm very much against automated reduction of ANO slots based on anything other than performance, especially price. Sometimes companies need to fire good performing employees for the health of the company during off times, but these are decided during the critical times, rather than automated. If the demotion doc gets approved, then we'll have a means by which we can all collectively decide, that we have too many ANOs and we need cut some. Loss of Standing would occur and we can collectively decide the painful process of removing PERFORMING ANOs. If you cut a performing ANO because of an automated process, and the price swings back to open up another slot, in all likelihood you will not get that ANO back. Lets be honest, we don't have huge numbers of well qualified candidates pounding on the door to become ANOs. If you think we have non-performing ANOs, we can get rid of them with the new demotion doc (assuming its approved), if you still feel after removing non-performing ANOs we have too many ANOs, then lets all collectively decide we cannot afford that many ANOs and make the cuts. Automating the process is just a way of avoiding those painful decisions or washing our hands of the dirty work that may be necessary.
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