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ANO Election and Demotion System - Amendment proposal
[QUOTE="Tor Paulsen, post: 19488, member: 24"]We thought about the issue [USER=84]@Miguel Proulx[/USER] describes in the current document up for ratification and there is a solution implemented already.

If an applicant gets 90% support they get directly elected and an ANO spot created for them.... So if a big university or IBM shows up there is a viable pathway to get these elected more or less instantly.[/QUOTE]

I knew and liked that clause in the document. Wasn't sure if what Matthias was proposing would be superceeding it, thus my comment. I am a big fan of the constant election and not having hard caps based on prices. If someone wants to join in and is bringing way more value than it is costing the protocol, they should be allowed to, no matter the token price.
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