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Q3 2019 Update
Factoshi continues to work hard on our primary mission, which is to provide outstanding infrastructure to the Factom network and to build a robust ecosystem that is competitive with high tier public blockchains.


Factoshi's authority node infrastructure performed as expected during Q3. Server uptime was 100% and factomd uptime equaled that of the Factom network, which experienced a pause during August.

Since being on boarded in Spring 2018, Factoshi has been running its authority servers in line with the specification promised during the campaign. Until now, the specification for Factoshi's authority servers was 8 vCPU/32GB. That spec is far in excess of what factomd has ever used. Even during periods of high network load, factomd has not come close to using those resources; EPS bottlenecks are not currently caused by CPU or memory limitations on authority set nodes.

The unrelenting fall in the price of FCT has compelled a review of that specification due to the potential for cost saving. As a result, Factoshi is reducing authority server specification to 6 vCPU/16GB. This will still leave ample room for growth whilst providing Factoshi welcome reprieve during this period of extremely negative price action. Server performance will be monitored closely, though I consider this to be a low risk change.


PegNet metrics were added to to mark the launch of PegNet in August. This worked was completed in concert with TFA, who contributed the code to support PegNet analytics on the backend. Traffic to the website has doubled since the launch of PegNet, and it is now regularly cited on social media and elsewhere.

Furthermore, the rest of the website received a facelift. Several outstanding bugs were fixed on both the front and back end. The style was also modified slightly to make the website appear more professional.


Factoshi's contributions to PegNet fall into 3 rough categories:

1. [B]Porting and maintaining documentation. [/B]Work here includes creating and updating the wiki, in addition to helping to add the white paper to GitHub.

2. [B]PegNet Compose. [/B]Work was started on PegNet Compose, which will help people get started on mining more easily. Work on PegNet Compose was completed following the end of the quarter.

3. [B]Community support. [/B]I have been on standby on the PegNet Discord server to help newcomers troubleshoot issues getting set up.

[B][U]Accounting script[/U][/B]

Factoshi's accounting script received a major upgrade. You can read about that in our previous update.
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