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ANO Election and Demotion System - Amendment proposal
Such an automated system is possible to implement. What are we saying here?

- we want to elect the best ANOs candidates
- we want to preserve the grant pool
- we want to be able to keep slots open whatever the price is in case a massive opportunity (a famous organization) submit its candidacy.

Such a system is possible. It just needs a better refinement than my initial proposal.

=> The solution: the hard caps based on price initially proposed in this thread could be overpassed when a particularly high level support is reached, then becoming soft caps.
(This level of support could also be tied to the FCT price but this could overcomplexify everything. So let's leave that aside).

[B]Example: [/B]
This particular level could be as high as 80% (or even 90%). In case a massive organization submit its candidacy this level of support would be easily reached.
The demotion level would still be at 40% as the current proposal.

This way we would have a system:
- which is partially based on price to preserve the grant pool by limiting the number of slots available (soft caps);
- which is flexible enough not to miss an opportunity to onboard a massive name in our ecosystem;
- which is even more a constant election ; you do not even need to wait for week 5 or 31 before increasing the number of ANOs; we could onboard as fast as possible a famous organization;

Of course to do so, we also need to define the transition process when we'll go over 32 ANOs.

I think this proposal answer most of the relevant points raised in this thread. What do you think? :)
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