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Q3 2019 Update
Hello everyone,

I just realized that we have fallen in the 90+ days without update category and I am going to address that now. The reason is that we were actually pretty busy on various projects and we kind of lost track of time...


[URL='']PegNet[/URL] is the main project we have been working on during those 3 months. Here's a summary of our involvement:
[*]We were invited by Paul Snow to get involved since the very early days of the project. We alluded about a "secret technical project" back in our Q1 update, that was it.
[*]Due to our early involvement we have been entrusted as Discord admin for the project and have been setting up the general structure of it and helped manage it.
[*]We have reviewed a lot of Pull Requests for the project. This is actually the most time consuming tasks.
[*]We have been participating in a lot of technical design discussions.
[*]Participated in task grooming meetings.
[*]We have been testing/reviewing the code and reported some critical bugs along the way.
Those are tasks contributed to the open source project PegNet. On top of that we have also been working hard on a private project related to PegNet and that should ultimately complete the PegNet ecosystem in an important way.


[*][SIZE=4]We released a bunch of [/SIZE][URL=''][SIZE=4]1.2.x updates of factom.js[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=4]. An notable one is the addition of a basic support for cookies allowing affinity session when using Open Node endpoint.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=4]There was an important upgrade in terms of UX of the [/SIZE][URL=''][SIZE=4]factom-identity-cli[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=4] (v0.3) back in July.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=4]We have been continuing to organize and manage load tests on the Factom testnet using [/SIZE][URL=''][SIZE=4]ChockaBlock [/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=4]and will do so again soon to test the next release Xuan.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=4]We reviewed the [/SIZE][URL=''][SIZE=4]Smart Contract proof of concept[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=4] made by DBGrow during Summer and provided feedback. Note that we were not part of that grant and did so on our spare time.[/SIZE]
[*]Since the our last update there was also some work done on the FAT Wallet grant during July. This was mostly work on adding Ledger support. There hasn't been much work on it in August and September as we are awaiting the v1 of fatd (FAT daemon) and a new firmware for Ledger to complete our grant.
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