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Prestige IT Fall Update 2019
[USERGROUP=32]@Prestige IT[/USERGROUP] here with our Fall update for 2019. We have had quite the busy year, but wanted to take the time to update the community on everything we are currently pursuing to benefit the Factom ecosystem. We realize it has been a while since our last update, so lets take a look at our recent ANO contributions.


Over at Prestige, we are incredibly excited about Pegnet and the value a killer app like this can bring to the Factom Protocol. We are proud to say that we have become one of the largest mining infrastructure operators on Pegnet, and we have burned over 200,000 Entry Credits since Pegnet launch. In addition to our mining and infrastructure efforts, we have also volunteered to host/organize a Denver Pegnet meetup chapter starting later this fall to boost local presence and face-to-face community interaction. We have also committed to burning a percentage of ANO FCT profits into pFCT to help capitalize the Pegnet market and show dedication to this new initiative that could help transform the future of the protocol.

[B]FrostByte: [/B]

Some of you may be aware of Frostbyte, our offline Enterprise Key Management software that Prestige IT has been working on internally over the last year. We are extremely happy to announce we now have enterprise customers in our pilot program who are using our product to protect, secure, and apply organizational governance over corporate FCT holdings. While the product is not Factom specific, and can be used with most cryptocurrency protocols, we are incredibly excited to see the product gaining traction within the Factom ecosystem and the enterprise crowd as a whole. Much, much more to come on this product soon, as we are still in the very early phases and things are still very much under wraps.

[B]ANO Pledges:[/B]

Since being elected as ANO, [USERGROUP=32]@Prestige IT[/USERGROUP] has committed to upholding our initial campaign pledges. We have continued to meet authority node up-time requirements, server update windows, and operator response time during network stalls. All premium cloud deployment configurations remain at full original specs as promised in our campaign documents. We have done absolutely zero downgrading of main-net systems due to cost, and we continue to operate in costly regions to provide a South American presence as also pledged in our ANO election campaign. Throughout recent unfavorable market conditions, new company initiatives, and increased amount of time spent on ANO duties we have held an unwavering 50% operating efficiency as stated in our campaign documents.

We expect a strong finish in 2019 for the Factom Protocol, and we are super happy to help contribute. We will continue to strive for improvement and be the most valuable ANO we can be.

Thank you.
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