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HashnStore: Q3 2019 Update - Launch of the Validity Website and efficiency decrease
The HashnStore team is glad to reveal its project “Validity” and the website [URL=''][/URL]! Validity is a service that protects your digital creations and secures your documents.

We started to work on a first implementation of our digital signature solution almost one year ago from now and have been working on the current version (MVP) for the last 6 months. A first trial version is already planned for mid-November. We also have a backlog for the following months.

We have designed our solution to make it as flexible as possible. The next step is to focus on the most promising use cases through testing and feedback with potential customers. And to stack all the odds in our favour, Frédéric will be leaving its current position soon enough to be exclusively dedicated to the development of Validity. We are then entering an even more intense development phase.

That is why we intend to decrease our efficiency from 50% to 30% to give a boost to our production power. Being the sole entity in France building on Factom, we strongly believe this project will benefit the entire community.

We are very excited by this project and are more than happy to discuss this efficiency decrease with you guys.
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