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Launching Orax, a PegNet mining pool
Hello everyone,

I am really glad to announce this project towards the PegNet we have been working on for months! (solely funded by our ANO revenue) I am copy pasting here our public announcement if you are interested in learning more about it. I'd be glad to answer any question you may have :)

We are happy to announce the public launch of our PegNet mining pool: [URL][/URL]
We have been running privately for more than 2 months and distributed over 10 millions PEG to our miners.
We focused on making the user experience very simple, follow our quickstart guide <[URL][/URL]> (or check the video version of it [MEDIA=youtube]RW9PQ2osv3k[/MEDIA])
and you will be mining on PegNet within just a few minutes. Have a quick read at our FAQ to know why you should consider mining with Orax: <[URL][/URL]>

Whether you want to mine or you are just curious you are invited to join our happy little community on Discord: [URL][/URL]

Happy mining everyone!
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