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Luciap Q4 update
[*]We launched the [URL='']LuXoR project[/URL]: a public database of LXR Hash performance accross various machines and architectures. I still keep up to date the database when new submissions come in.
[*]We launched a [URL='']PegNet mining reward calculator[/URL] available to all.
[*]I investigated and [URL='']uncovered some bug in PegNet mining[/URL]. This was actually related to an (unplanned) hard fork that happened few days later after this report which I helped investigate and mitigate live with Steven (stressful night!).
[*]Did the [URL='']code review[/URL] for the important "free floating PEG price" hard fork. Also performed some testing of that fork prior to its activation (which is something we always do because of Orax).
[*]Thanks to the monitoring put on place within Orax, we were also able to detect some anomalies on the Factom network (entries being pushed back to the next block because of EOM messages coming too early) which we brought up to Core committee where we worked out some mitigation.
[*]Regular ANO obligations, server maintenance and governance participation, were performed.

While not an ANO contribution there was also the completion and release of the FAT Wallet (grant funded) that took a lot of my time during Q4.
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