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Voting NO on anchor and Oracle master grants
[QUOTE="Tor Paulsen, post: 24453, member: 24"]
Reasoning for voting no on principle:
[URL='']Anchor Master[/URL]
[URL='']Oracle Master[/URL]

No grantee (even factom inc) is above the grant process, and in total they were requested [U][B]8 times[/B][/U] to provide feedback on their previous Anchor/Oracle grants in their tracking threads (and [B]pinged twice on Discord[/B]), without even replying.

I deemed a no support vote appropriate based on the above, but would be happy to fund these as backpay grants (if they did not pass up front) if they provided appropriate reporting and responded to inquires.

Voting what you think is right in principle is your prerogative. I just think the consequences of not passing an anchor master or oracle master would be severe. If the desired end state is to make it a backpay grant, then perhaps that is the proper way forward and we initiate the governance to do so. The community would still need to approve and "contract" with the entity charged with anchoring and maintaining the oracle prior to any determination of whether or not they should be paid out for their services.
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