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Voting NO on anchor and Oracle master grants
In principle other parties could execute it, so it is not an automatic checkmark.

I am rather worried several parties voted no. And IMO it would be good to have the insight of these parties and also have them involved in coming up with a solution

Tagging parties to get their insights:
[USER=103]@Nic R[/USER] [USERGROUP=23]@Factomatic[/USERGROUP]
[USERGROUP=42]@Kompendium[/USERGROUP] (you abstained as well so it wasn;t counted, still happy to hear your thoughts on the matter)
[USERGROUP=8]@DBGrow[/USERGROUP] & [USER=27]@Brian Deery[/USER] (including you guys, despite the No-mistake on everything, as you could vote No regardless of course)
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