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Factomize has lowered its efficiency to 0%
[QUOTE="Anton Ilzheev, post: 25029, member: 35"]
Not sure if sarcasm is relevant Alex :)
I don’t think that David would ruin Factomize reputation in the Factom ecosystem with low accountability and under-performance at their chosen efficiency.

Sarcasm or not, there've been a lot of 'mystery projects' as of late. You tell me how many of those have worked out up to this point. I don't doubt Factomize's ability to deliver, but in the way this is worded, this triggers copycat behaviour and conversely many more non-productive discussions.

Thankfully we have a fix for that.

[USER=24]@Tor Paulsen[/USER] I think a logical step to take is for the guides to discuss David's proposed efficiency bracket system, work out a real proposal based on ANO feedback and put it to a vote. Tying efficiency ranges to standing would prevent copycat behaviour by those who lack the standing to.
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