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Voting NO on anchor and Oracle master grants
I understand your concern, Niels and I assure you we did not take this decision lightly. We're well aware of the importance of having anchoring and an oracle for determining the EC price.

Where we seem to have a difference of opinion is in the consequences of this vote, should those grants have not been approved. I am not convinced that it would have been an issue that jeopardises the security or the stability of the network, as we're a decentralised ecosystem after all, and as mentioned above I personally would have had no issue stepping up to cover the txs costs and would have applied for a backpay grant next ground round after providing proper reporting.

To me the much bigger issue is the fact that there is a single entity operating both of these critical components. I don't have nearly enough experience in communicating with large entities who are interested in the protocol, but wouldn't this fact be a bigger hurdle of adoption for them compared to several entities not approving of the grants (and even compared to the grants themselves not being approved)?
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