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Factomize has lowered its efficiency to 0%
I see the community is demanding more transparency which I applaud.

Factomize will be working on a variety of governance related projects. For a long time, we've wanted to improve governance efficiency and transparency but other projects were taking priority. We're at a point now where Belazor and I can work on these projects. I believe sound governance will be one of the most critical and defining factors when it comes to determining which blockchain projects are successful over the long haul. I've recently held numerous conversations with a fund interested in the Factom protocol and they were very impressed with what they see happening on this forum. They haven't seen more active, transparent governance on any project. And yet our systems and processes can be better. Much better. And as this ship is turned around, it will make a big difference over the long haul.

Factomize will regularly update you on the state of our projects AND break down hours worked for transparency and accountability.
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