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Voting NO on anchor and Oracle master grants
[QUOTE="Schalk Bower, post: 25171, member: 43"]
Some quick math based on [URL][/URL] $0.44 per transaction.

144 blocks a day, 30 days a month, 0.44 per anchor. That's still roughly 144*30*0.44=$1,900 a month for anchoring into Bitcoin
We don't necessarily need multiple anchors to bitcoin. We could have anchors going into blockchains dependent on their fees at the time. It could even be dynamic; having an oracle (similar to Pegnet?) fetch prices of anchoring and automatically have it to switch between the most cost-effective chains dependent on current prices.

In fact it was envisioned originally that all authority servers would do anchoring; so we could have ANOs picking it up as a pledge, running dockerized anchoring software where they set parameters themselves for which blockchains they enter into at what price points etc.
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