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Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for Kompendium

Tor Paulsen [b]Removed Standing[/b]. At the time of this vote, your Standing is 88%.

Their reasoning for this vote is:
[quote]I have made a principle decision to not extend standing to any ANO operating at an efficiency below 30%, and I am thus removing standing for your ANO.

This is something I alluded to doing already last year when the ANO standing system was approved, and the reasoning behind this decision is that it is almost impossible to keep ANOs operating at very low efficiencies properly accountable. I believe that some ANO's may be involved in projects warranting an efficiency below the cutoff, and I urge these ANOs to utilize the grant pool for these efforts as an alternate way of achieving the necessary funding.

The 30% cutoff is a starting-point and subject to change in the future, and if the standing parties updates the ANO expectations document with a sliding scale of minimum efficiency dependent on price, I am likely to use that as a guideline.[/quote]

You can see how Tor Paulsen has historically voted for Kompendium [url=""]by going here[/url].

You are welcome to reply to this thread or contact Tor Paulsen privately. And please remember to keep your [url=""]ANO Contributions[/url] area updated.
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